TUCSON, ARIZONA family photographer

We've all heard it a million times:

Your little ones grow and change every day.  Before you know it their once chubby baby feet will be climbing onto the school bus and you'll want to remember the way he was then... mama these are the days you'll treasure forever. Don't miss your opportunity to savor and celebrate them as they are today.    

"it goes by so fast"


Investing in authentic but intentionally planned family photos means that you can stop worrying about missing out from behind your phone camera and savor the beauty of the memories unfolding in front of you. The best memories are created when we are actively engaged and present in the moment. Because ultimately that is what it's all about. 

What if i told you to just enjoy the simple moments without documenting them?


how many are you in, mama?

...when you scroll through the 2 million images on your phone, how many are you in, Mama? Lemme tell you: these images are for more than just you. These images are a gift for your babies and future grandbabies. Wouldn't you love a peek into your own grandmother's life as a young mom? Invest in yourself but also an heirloom to cherish their family for generations to come. 


2 million photos in the cloud but too few on your walls?

Let's face it: we have a case of quantity over quality when it comes to photos. When we have too many options we tend to value them less... and its overwhelming. (Have you tried organizing your cloud?? It's the literal worst). Instead of snapping and losing images of years of your life, invest in quality photos that you actually print and display on your walls, gifts and albums for the whole family to enjoy!


Hi, I'm Alexa!!
I'm a busy mama of 4 trying to do all the things and still stay engaged and in the moment with my family. I know you know, momming is hard work. But it's good work. I want to help you see the good and the beautiful in your season. Better than that even -- I want to help you embrace it and celebrate it!

"We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves"
ed sheeran








"I love that Alexa captured unplanned moments of my family. I felt that we could just be ourselves... the photos she captured are ones my family will cherish for years to come! "

"I love that alexa captured unplanned moments of my family... we could just
be ourselves"



"Alexa walked into a stranger's home and took pictures that made it feel like she's known us for years. Our personalities were captured perfectly and the images she created will hang in our home for years to come!"

"Alexa walked into a stranger's home and took pictures that made it feel like she's known us for years"



"Natural, spontaneous and special!
...literally, my 2.5 years old fell in love with photography and with Alexa"

"my 2.5 years old fell in love with photography and Alexa"